Some days my life doesn’t totally suck…

Worked like four damn jobs today. Fairly easy day putting a coat of polyurethane on a floor. Then some children’s theatre work. Then some grown kid, semi pro theatre work. Then volunteer radio DJ show.

That’s a long day for a lazy man.

But today started the first day of the rest of my life. Supposedly.


Good day to dig a ditch.

Some days you just need to dig some ditches and move some bricks. Today was that day. It was chilly out this morning when I got started but got warm quick! The sun was shining and the wind was minimal. It felt good.

Sometimes the best therapy in life is a little good old fashioned manual labor. Today was a good day to dig a ditch and move some bricks.

Just time in the sun working with your hands letting your mind go over in great detail all the things you should have done.

Dug some post holes too.

It was a good day to dig post holes.

A few key moments and words came to my mind during the day. Moving those bricks and digging the ditch. Years of decisions, actions, habits rushing through your mind it feels good to move some earth.

Wish I’d been digging a ditch and moving some bricks on some of those Sunday’s instead of blowing $40 or more bucks on brunch. Although I loved brunch with her. My favorite day of the week.

But she mostly just wanted to be left alone. And I should have been earning money. While leaving her alone.

Today was a good day for moving bricks and digging a ditch. A far better day than the other day.

God bless global warming

What a great weekend and I must say thanks in part to global warming.  It’s 70 damn degrees in Louisville, KY on December 12 and 13.

Unseasonably warm, as they say.

But thanks to it I was able to enjoy one fantastic Saturday in Louisville, KY.

Walked over the Big Four bridge to Jeffersonville and had lunch at Red Yeti.  Yummy little microbrew just about a block from the ramp to Big Four on the Indiana side.  It’s called Red Yeti Brewing Company but I didn’t see anything being brewed…but who cares.  They’ve a nice selection of some other microbrews I wasn’t familiar with and it’s a $5 flight.  So yay!

My fav was the Wildberry Wheat they had on tap.  If you’re there this weekend I think it was the number 7.

I had the cheeseburger.  Shocker, I know.  It was about 12 bucks with hand cut fries.  Not a turrible price for what they be calling “gourmet” burgers in town these days.  The bun made the burg in this case.  Sweet style bun like what I’ve heard called Hawaiian Bread before but they didn’t call it anything.  They don’t grind the beef in house like a few of the other high end burger joints have been doing (Grind, Stout) so it didn’t have that awesome melt in your mouth type of texture, but a fine burger nonetheless and a creamy cheese sauce reminiscent of a mild beer cheese.

My lunch companion had the tacos.  One sliced beef (which was determined the best of the three), one shrimp and one chicken.  On corn tortillas.  Mucho good-o.

Ya know there are certain moments in life, in a relationship where you just think to  yourself, yep.  I made the right decision.  After lunch we got a spot of coffee at the little coffee/bike repair (coming soon) shop right next to Red Yeti.  Called Too Tired Bike and Bean and she said, let’s find a liquor store and get some bourbon for our coffee before we walk back across the bridge.


Then after a quick bit of shoe shopping, we snuck into Copper & Kings early to check out the $20 art show but were way too early and didn’t see much art.  The artist where just arriving when we walked through.  But we saw a couple friends and I got a chance to check out the distillery.  They didn’t seem to be doing any distilling at that moment and that’s a bummer.  But a reason to go back and take the legit tour I suppose.  Big courtyard area with a built in outside grill.  Gonna have to check them out come spring time.  And it’s always fun to get in places I’m not necessarily supposed to be.

The girl asked me, “are you here to set up for the art show?”

“Yeah” I said quickly.

“Really?” questioned the young lady.

My bourbon coffee mate interjected, “Yes, we’re just checking it out.”

“Oh, okay.  Right this way.” Replied the young lady didn’t believe me.

After that we took a breather from all our excitement and went to El Mundo for margaritas!  Mmm…margaritas!  Along with some chips and salsa.  Ah, El Mundo!

Went down to Modern Cult records for the Gubbey Records Headcleaner Louisville music compilation release party.  Like 40 damn Louisville bands on a three cassette (and download) boxset.  Yeah, I said cassette.  Seems to be the hip thing to do these days.  Release music on a med


But whatevs, it’s also downloadable and my band’s on it.  We got to see some folks and it’s always good to be seen.

Then went and played a rock show for a vape event.

Vape kids….

It’s like they want to be ravers but they just too lazy so they suck on vaporizers and pretend they’re dragons or some shit.

We rolled up on the venue and it looks like the muther fucker is on fire!  Vapor rolling out the cracks in the cinder block walls!

Talk about a surreal scene….it gave me new perspective on my fog machine I was so proud of.  Gonna lay back on that thing from now on.

My eyes were watering and I’m pretty sure by the end of our set I was only getting about 30 to 50 % of the oxygen I need.  Messed up the end of the last two songs.  Autopilot kicked in and I was just trying to make it through the set without falling over!

‘Cause that’s all carbon monoxide mixed with whatever chemicals go in those vape machines.  That can’t be good for you.  At least we’re pretty sure what’s in tobacco…

Don’t get me wrong.  A tobacco smoking convention would be worse – the vape shit at least smells good but holy mother kids…go play some video games or something.  Damn.

All in all, one heck of a Saturday!  I love Louisville.


The Worst $8 Bloody Mary in Louisville

I found the worst $8 bloody mary in Louisville.

It would have been bad for a $4 bloody mary but I wouldn’t have taken the time to write a blog about it.

Ya know when you’re wrapping gifts and you only have the roll of tape, without the dispenser and have to use your teeth to tear the tape?  Ya know that scotch tape taste that’s left in your mouth.

Thanks Blue Dog Bakery.

And that so disappoints me.  I’ll stand in line for their $5 ham and cheese croissant so I was excited to try out their brunch menu.  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I say brunch.

I got poached eggs on toasted sourdough bread with ham (prosciutto style but they didn’t call it prosciutto), spinach and parmesan cheese.  Sounds good.  And it was good.  But after a terrible $8 bloody mary I decided $9.50 for eggs and toast was a bit steep….

Bottom line, stick to the baked goods at Blue Dog Bakery.

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Stout Burgers and Beer

Nice clean and shiny new burger joint right next to Guitar Emporium and Doo Wop Shop?

Why yes, I’ll check that place out.

And it is indeed shiny. Big brass wall with all kinds of beers coming out of it – nice.

Burger meat ground in house daily? Rare to medium rare? A burger with an egg on it?

This is my kind of place. Until I left hungry.

I’m not opposed to dropping 16 bucks for lunch but if I leave hungry I’m not going to be happy. No matter how good the burger was. And it was delicious. It was called “the morning after” hence the bacon and egg on it. But it comes with no fries and the fries are an additional $5. You can buy like 20 pounds of potatoes for $5. Jeepers. It’s a healthy portion of fries, plenty for two ppl to share but Five Guys gives you twice the fries for $3. And they cut and fry them fresh every day.

The bar is nice, the staff was super nice and really seemed to enjoy being there. They cut a waitress but she wanted to stay and make sure her lingering guest where taken care of before her replacement came in. The bartender knew his stuff and I like the way they suggest beers with the burgers in the menu.

Bottom line is the place is nice but pricey. I can think of, I don’t know, every other restaurant in Louisville where I can fill my belly with a decent burger at literally about half the price. Bunz blows this place out of the water. Except ya can’t get booze.

As a burger connoisseur I’d have to say you need to check it out but you’ll need to be prepared to go have some apps later or maybe scarf down a salad at home before you head out. It’s an awfully small burger for $11 and it don’t come with chips or even a damn pickle.

I’ll check this place out again next time I have a real good day at the track.

And let’s not forget this is a chain restaurant based out of Los Angeles California. Might explain the high price – this is Ky y’all. I can get a fifth of 7 year old Beam for the cost of my lunch at Stout Burgers and Beer. And I didn’t even have a beer.

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